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Thanks. I would not have thought of that. In the reference manual headcolor occurs in 13.2 \setupdescriptions and in 13.5 \definelabel only. I did not connect that with footnotes. Is \setupnotation a special form of \setupdescriptions?

By the way, is a separate call to \setupnote[footnote][textcolor=red] necessary to color the footnotemark in the running text? Or is there a key for it in \setupnotation[footnote] too?

Hans van der Meer

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Meer, H. van der<mailto:H.vanderMeer at uva.nl>
6. September 2015 13:15
Indeed, this helped. Thanks.

For the record: in order to keep the position of the number in the footnote high, one has to use:
You can use the headcolor key to change the color of the footnote number.



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