[NTG-context] Finalizing my book

Mikoláš Štrajt strajt9 at seznam.cz
Sat Sep 5 22:15:26 CEST 2015

I am finalizing my semi-autogenerated e-book and i ran into three issues:

1) its impossible to place table of content after the content itself. It 
simply doesnt display without any trace in log.
2) i am triying to use Antykwa Torunska with "\definetypeface [antykwa] [rm]
[serif] [antykwa-torunska] [default] [encoding=ec]", but it complaint for 
misssing typescript. Is there some working way to install it? (Using 
3) is there some trick to protect stanzas of poems against pagebreak in the 
middle of stanza? Or there are some usefult tips/modules when typeseting 
poetry in Context?

Full code of my book is at http://svita.cz/archiv/debug/pro-kukacku.tex

I decided not to create some faux example documents cause it doesnt seems to
be document-specific issues for me.

Thanks for any help.

Mikoláš Štrajt
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