[NTG-context] r2l alignment and linenumbering conflict?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Aug 4 23:06:42 CEST 2015

On 8/4/2015 5:46 AM, talazem at fastmail.fm wrote:
> Hans, the beta is a solid step forward regarding bidi and Arabic support, and not just in footnotes. Thank you.
> However, it appears that my earlier declarations of ‘problem solved’ were a bit premature.  Footnotes display everything correctly, but not linenumber notes. Using the three bidi methods of \setupdirections[bidi]:
> - ‘default’ orders the linenumber notes and their texts right-to-left, but any number therein is reversed (4102 instead of 2014).

let's first try to get that one right .. new beta coming (also needs 
testing by idris

> - ‘one’ does not render either the note block nor the individual notes' texts right-to-left.

i have to rewrite that one using more efficient means (i really need 48 
hour sin a day)

> - ‘two’ is identical to method ‘one’.

it is .. just a newer version of the unicode bidi one

> Compare these to regular footnotes, where everything is rendered correctly as of this new beta.

you can trace flagging in default with:



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