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it seems this is a frequent thesis - in the mailing archive, stackoverflow...

Anyway, I'm not able to find a valid way (MWE) how to number subformulas (with option to create a reference name, like 'eq:1a' and 'eq:1b', and to be able to refer to them, like "\ineq[eq:1a] and \ineq[eq:1b]"), so to get something like:

Some text
	a + b = c 	(1a)
and later
	d + e = f 	(1b)
so nothing surprising in [1a] and [1b].

Moreover, on http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Math there is a red "Warning!":

If you consider using ConTeXt for a paper with a proper formula numbering please wait until it is implemented in mkiv. At the moment only a very limited formula numbering is possilbe:
  number formula(s) with a plain number
  number formula(s) with a subnumber

Not possible is at the moment:
  Table of formulas
  Named subformulas
  Mixure of formulas and subformulas in one block
  Reference on a (sub-)formula without having it listed in the Table of formulas

For more details and actual state see mailing list and Summary of formula numbering problem.

I don't know which date this warning comes from, if it is outdated or still valid...

So, finally, what is the PROPER way (if it really exists) in ConTeXt how to typeset subformulas?

(I'm typesetting a large article on physics which contains many math (sub-)formulas, so knowledge of a working tool for Ctx would be nice...)

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