[NTG-context] Formatting TOC

robheus robheus at xs4all.nl
Mon Aug 3 11:22:03 CEST 2015

Hello list,

I need some adjustments to my TOC and chapter titles.

1. The title and the title of every chapter need to be indented (leaving 
enough room

2. The title of part does not need to be indented, but uses two 
consecutive lines, preceded and followed with a blank line, as follows

DEEL <part number>
<part title>

3. Chapter entries are on consecutive lines, except that between the 
first and second, and before the last chapter entry there is a blank 

(I use "\setuplist[chapter][before=]" and tried to use 
"\writebetweenlist[content]{\blank}" at the specified locations to get 
blank lines there, but this didn't work)

4. The part number needs to be capital roman numbers, and titles of 
chapters are preceded with the capital roman part number.

(The option "conversion=Romannumerals" in "\setuphead[part]" doesn't 
seem to work)

5. There are 2 parts, part 1 with 5 chapters, part 2 with 4 chapters. 
Chapter numbering of part 1 only starts with 0 instead of 1.

(I use currently the "ownnumber" option of \startchapter for all 
chapters of part 1, but is there a more simple or elegant option for 
this, just setting the chapter number 0 directly after part 1 starts or 



The code I use now, is below:

\setupheadtext[content=INHOUDSOPGAVE] % Kop boven de inhoudsopgave

\definecombinedlist[content][part,chapter] % welke structuur-elementen 
in de inhoudsopgave komen
\setupcombinedlist[content][level=2, alternative=b]


	\vbox{DEEL #1\crlf #2}


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