[NTG-context] footnotes when using RtL (Arabic)

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Jul 31 16:47:09 CEST 2015

On 7/31/2015 1:07 PM, talazem at fastmail.fm wrote:
> Excellent. This seems to solve the problem completely. I even tried mixing Arabic and English text in the RTL footnotes, switched on the “alternative=serried” option, and defined my own custom note streams — everything worked very well. The only thing that didn’t work is to mix, in the same stream, footnotes that are LTR with footnotes that are RTL. But I did not expect this to work, and I cannot think of a real world scenario in which such footnotes would/should be mixed in the same stream.
> Attached are both the .tex file and the PDF with a perfectly working example. Many thanks to you both, Wolfgang and Hans. Hans, I assume we’ll know if the patch eventually makes it into a beta?

yes but no upload today (i've also added the example to the test suite)


(you can put the patch in cont-new.mkiv in the meantime)

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