[NTG-context] footnotes when using RtL (Arabic)

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Thu Jul 30 16:26:18 CEST 2015

On 07/30/2015 03:00 PM, talazem at fastmail.fm wrote:
> I wonder whether anyone might have any thoughts about the below? Many thanks.

I wonder whether there is a bug somewhere in notes, because you may have
r2l notations, but the notes paragraph is built l2r:

    \starttext \showframe

    \definenote[afootnote][rule={on,right}, paragraph=yes]

    Testing.\afootnote{This is footnote one.}
    Testing testing.\afootnote{This is footnote two.}
    Testing testing testing.\afootnote{This is footnote three.}


Just in case it might help,


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