[NTG-context] reverse page order and reverse page numbering in one part of a book

Alan BRASLAU alan.braslau at cea.fr
Wed Jul 22 15:47:16 CEST 2015

On Wed, 22 Jul 2015 14:54:17 +0200
"Thomas A. Schmitz" <thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de> wrote:

> On 07/22/2015 02:45 PM, Alan BRASLAU wrote:
> > The
> > project/product/component mechanism can help somewhat. I also know
> > that Thomas had written a streams module to handle the
> > synchronization of texts. However, I am not so sure how to go about
> > this in a real, full-fledged case with a complicated text.  
> Correction: "Thomas had a streams module written (by Hans)." I used
> it for a bilingual document for my course material, but in the end,
> it turned out that using it for a "real" book would have been
> extremely complex. In my field, there are numerous books with a
> bilingual layout, but I guess they are all still handcrafted, i.e.
> manual page breaks etc. I just shudder to think what would happen if
> someone has to add three words on page 3 of such a book - they would
> have to redo every single darn pagebreak?

There are several different issues. Synchronization can be
line-by-line, paragraph-by-paragraph, sectionblock-by-sectionblock...
or, as is the case with the posting of this thread, part-by-part (i.e.
halves). The different "products" in multiple languages might only be
"synchronized" by structure, not by rendering at all.

Maybe Mari (and others) have regular experience in managing
multilingual documents and maintaining them under modification. And I
bring up this issue under the present thread as managing left-to-right
mixed with right-to-left text is a further complication that Idris (and
others) address regularly.


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