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Dear all,

I am producing a book that is divided into two sections. The book is published in English, and thus it runs left to right. Part one is an academic study in English. Part two is a critical edition of an Arabic text. The book is exactly 100 pages long, with fifty pages going to the English study, and fifty pages to the Arabic edition.

In Part One (which includes all the front matter of the book, such as the table of contents, etc.): the page ordering runs left-to-right, the pagination runs from 1 to 50, and the page numbers should be printed in Arabic numerals.

However, in Part Two (the Arabic text): the page ordering should run right-to-left, the page numbers should run in “reverse” pagination (in which “page 1" of the critical edition begins at the “back” of the book), and the page numbers should be printed in Hindi numerals.

In other words, the structure of the book’s pages would be as follows (ellipses used to jump):


I would like the Table of Contents then to look something like this:

Forward . . . . . . v
English Study . . . 1
Arabic Edition. . . ١
Index of names. . . ٥٠

So my question is: is this currently possible in ConTeXt, to produce a single PDF, with such a TOC, from one file? Or am I bringing on too much of a headache upon myself, and it is easier to produce two separate files — but if so, how would one produce a TOC that includes the parts and page numbers of both documents? 

Many thanks, and best wishes,
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