[NTG-context] Math literal colon

Hans Aberg haberg-1 at telia.com
Mon Jul 20 22:13:14 CEST 2015

> On 20 Jul 2015, at 21:34, Manuel Blanco <manuelbl at ucm.es> wrote:

> The definition of a coordinate separator should be with \mathpunct,
> although it doesn't look particularly good, so may be better to use no
> space at all (as commented in other mails). 

> In the case of \ratio, since it's a binary operator, it should be
> \mathbin; but may be that's too much space and tighter spacing would
> be better.

Strictly speaking, the coordinate separator : for homogeneous coordinates is a ration symbol, and a book in algebraic used that.

So may be simplest to only do the operator : along with the function and set :.


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