[NTG-context] Illegal parameter number in definition

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Fri Jul 17 19:26:40 CEST 2015

Hi all,

I am totally new to ConTeXt. I am a long time LaTeX user and I got
interested in ConTeXt by a posting from Pablo in the Pandoc mailing
list. So he is to blame if you have to read silly questions from me in
the future. ;-)

To learn a bit more about ConTeXt I try to make an environment to
typeset TEI-XML files from http://www.deutschestextarchiv.de (DTA)

I ran into a problem with this XML from DTA:

 <hi rendition="#g">Zehenter Brief.</hi>
<p><hi rendition="#in">S</hi>ie sind also mit mir darinn einig, und
durch den Innhalt meiner

I tried to map the rendition attribute to ConTeXt with this code:

\startxmlsetups xml:teisetups

The attribute of '#g' makes trouble. I get the following error message.

tex error       > error on line 5 in file tei-style.tex: ! Illegal
parameter number in definition of \14>:xml:teisetups

<to be read again>
<argument> ...lb}{xml:*}\xmlsetsetup {##1}{hi[@rendition='##g
\syst_setups_start_xml_indeed ...1\expandafter {#3
l.5 \stopxmlsetups

 1     \startxmlsetups xml:teisetups
 2             \xmlsetsetup{#1}{*}{-}
 3             \xmlsetsetup{#1}{TEI|text|body|div|head|p|hi|lb}{xml:*}
 4             \xmlsetsetup{#1}{hi[@rendition='#g']}{xml:hig}
 5 >>  \stopxmlsetups

I think that I kind of understand the message. The hash '#' isn't
allowed in this place. Is it possible to escape the hash somehow or to
solve this issue in an other way?


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