[NTG-context] where are the pret-xxxx.lua ?

Eric Détrez info at eric-detrez.fr
Fri Jul 17 16:24:54 CEST 2015

Le 17-07-2015 14:58, Wolfgang Schuster a écrit :
>> Eric Détrez
>> 17. Juli 2015 09:27
>> I wish to print some highlighted source codes.
>> The Context garden says "There are already some formatters for
>> several programming languages in the ConTeXt distribution".
>> I can see the verb-xxxx (for mkII) but no pret-xxx (for mkIV) in the
>> base folder.
>> Is it possible to get syntax highlight in mkIV ?
>  You can enable syntax highlighting for TeX, Lua, XML and MetaPost
> with MkIV. To enable the option pass "option=...” to the
> \starttyping command or create your own environment with the
> \definetyping command.

Thank you for the working example.
But my question asked where are the config files : I want to get a 
Python pretty-printing.
The module abr-01 seems the key but I couldn't find it.

It seems that the answer could be in the t-vim (third party) module.
It uses the syntax analysis from VIm (you have to install it :))

Eric Détrez
Lycée Faidherbe, Lille

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