[NTG-context] TeX capacity exceeded - in Lua block - why?

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Thu Jul 16 12:13:40 CEST 2015


On Thu, 16 Jul 2015 11:03:05 +0200, luigi scarso <luigi.scarso at gmail.com> wrote:

>  \def\GG{\ifmmode G_G\else$\GG$\fi}
> means "define the macro \GG as G_G if mmmod is true,
> else as \GG "
> It's clear that you  always are in a situation where mmod is true, then \GG
> is replaced with  G_G

Well, I intended "replaced with $G_G$",
              not "replaced with  G_G";
so I thought this would force/ensure math mode and thus prevent infinite recursion.

> but as soon as you fall into "mmod not true" then you have infinite
> recursion.

Also, my observation was that my original macro worked well when called for TeX code (at various places of use:
   \GG $\GG$
     \sym{\GG} \GG
     \sym{$\GG$} $\GG$
     \sym{\m{\GG}} \m{\GG}
     \item End
but stopped working when called from Lua (?!).


This seems to be best solution - exactly what I wanted to achieve: \def\GG{\mathematics{G_G}}.

Thanks both for your help.

Best ragrds,


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