[NTG-context] [Tools] ConTeXt Language Module for BBEdit, v1.0

Paul Mazaitis pm39 at andrew.cmu.edu
Sat Jul 11 16:30:29 CEST 2015

Hello list!

I am pleased to announce v1.0 of ConTeXtBBLM, a BBEdit Language Module 
to support ConTeXt. This language module is built for BBEdit v11, and 
supports MkIV-style sectioning for navigation. A brief list of features:

  * Navigation by heading titles (including titles from user-defined 
  * Navigation by callouts (TODO:, FIXME:, etc.) in comments.
  * Navigation to files referenced by the \environment command.
  * Folding text within balanced \start and \stop commands.
  * Syntax coloring of text, comments, commands, command parameters, and 
command options.
  * Keyword support.
  * Command completion.

More information and sources can be found at: 

...and the release is available here: 

...or here: http://paul.mazaitis.org/assets/ConTeXt-bblm-v1.0.zip

Some notes:

This language module could (always!) use more testing. Bug reports 
cheerfully welcome!

The language module tries to be clever about recovering from mis-matched 
/startcommand and /stopcommand pairs when generating folds. This will 
likely cause surprising behavior if the offending mis-match involves a 
user-defined head command.

For keyword support, the module loads the keyword set from the file 
"context-keywords.txt" in the Resources directory of the language module 
plugin. At the moment, this file is empty, and can be customized as 
needed (plain text, one keyword per line).

For command completion, the language module loads a command set from the 
text file "context-commands-en.txt" in the Resources directory of the 
language module plugin. I'd like to use the output of:

	mtxrun -script interface --text

...as a drop-in for this text file, but it appears the command list this 
script generates is incomplete.

Hans or Taco (or anyone?): are there plans to update mtxrun to generate 
the current complete interface when using this script?



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