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Florian Rudt frudt at mac.com
Fri Jun 19 21:18:44 CEST 2015

Dear List,

at first: thanks a lot for TeX and ConTeXt.

I am really new to CoTeXt, TeX and LaTex, sorry. I come from the other side, from the DTP-side (the dark side). I have been working for more than 20 years in the graphics and prepess business with the mouse (only at the beginning some weeks playing with Linotype Series 300 and Linosetting and one day Berthold's ProfiPage).

I managed to redo a simple old job with context: the book block of a novel, incl. front matter and fonts from my own library. Even the first results were amazingly beautiful.

Now I want to redesign an academic journal (the International Journal of Conflict and Violence, www.ijcv.org) that I currently set with tango (something like Scribus or InDesign). I have got most of my font working with ConTeXt, but this time I failed. I can not get the ITC Franklin Gothic working.

My installation is ConTeXt standalone on linux mint. I installed the otf-fonts by copying them into the directory ~/context/tex/texmf-fonts/opentype/FranklinGothic/ . Then I run "mtxrun --generate" in the terminal.

"mtxrun --script fonts --list --all --pattern=*franklin*" gives:

itcfranklingothicstd             itcfranklingothicstddmcp     ITCFranklinGothicStd-DmCp.otf
itcfranklingothicstdbkcp         itcfranklingothicstdbkcp     ITCFranklinGothicStd-BkCp.otf
itcfranklingothicstdbkcpit       itcfranklingothicstdbkcpit   ITCFranklinGothicStd-BkCpIt.otf
itcfranklingothicstdbold         itcfranklingothicstddmcp     ITCFranklinGothicStd-DmCp.otf
itcfranklingothicstdbolditalic   itcfranklingothicstddmcpit   ITCFranklinGothicStd-DmCpIt.otf
itcfranklingothicstddemi         itcfranklingothicstddmcp     ITCFranklinGothicStd-DmCp.otf
itcfranklingothicstddmcp         itcfranklingothicstddmcp     ITCFranklinGothicStd-DmCp.otf
itcfranklingothicstddmcpit       itcfranklingothicstddmcpit   ITCFranklinGothicStd-DmCpIt.otf
itcfranklingothicstditalic       itcfranklingothicstdbkcpit   ITCFranklinGothicStd-BkCpIt.otf
itcfranklingothicstdnormal       itcfranklingothicstdbkcpit   ITCFranklinGothicStd-BkCpIt.otf
itcfranklingothicstdregular      itcfranklingothicstdbkcp     ITCFranklinGothicStd-BkCp.otf

I thought that all font styles are available (but I only need Book Compressed, Book Compressed Italic, Demi Compressed, and Demi Compressed Italic).

So, this is my not working example:

%fonts for ijcv
\definefontfamily [ijcv-fonts] [serif] [Minion Pro]
\definefontfamily [ijcv-fonts] [sans] [itcfranklingothicstd]
\definefontfeature [default] [default] [onum=yes]
\setupbodyfont[ijcv-fonts, 10.25pt]
Minion Pro 1234567890

\ss{ITC Franklin Gothic Book Compressed}

The problem is the fontname: [itcfranklingothicstd] doesn't work and I tried [ITC Franklin Gothic Std] and a lot of other spellings. I succeded with a lot of other fonts with this approach.

What could I have done wrong?

Thanks in advance

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