[NTG-context] Multi-page (split) natural tables and footnotes

Christoph Reller christoph.reller at gmail.com
Sat Jun 6 21:41:07 CEST 2015


How can I get footnotes working with split tables? Is this not supported?

The workaround with \note[...] \footnotetext[...]{...} can only be used to
place footnotes on the first or on the last page of the table. For a long
multi-page table this is not satisfactory.

The wiki mentions using \automigrateinserts, but it has no effect here.

Any help is welcome!



  \bTR \bTD This \eTD \bTD That.
  \footnote{This footnote disappears.}
  \eTD \eTR
  \footnotetext[working]{This footnote works.}
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