[NTG-context] bug in latest beta?

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Sun May 31 13:56:40 CEST 2015

On 05/28/2015 07:10 PM, Hans Hagen wrote:
> On 5/27/2015 10:38 PM, Pablo Rodriguez wrote:
>> [...]
>> Compiling it with beta from 2015.03.25 22:13, page break is fine.
>> But with latest beta from 2015.05.24 12:42 (or even with beta from
>> 2015.05.15 11:42 includes a wrong page break. The setups for widow and
>> orphan lines move the two last lines to the next page.
>> Could anyone confirm this bug?
> i wonder if it's a bug or just tex's decision ... you can use
> \showmakeup[penalty]
> and see what penalties get injected
> are the linebreaks identical, i.e. same hyphenation?

Many thanks for your reply, Hans.

Hyphenation is the same in both documents.

> btw, brokenpenalty 1 gives a different result

Page break is wrong when any of the three values (brokenpenalty,
widowpenalty or clubpenalty) is 0 or above 9999.

I replacing \subsection with \section gives the right page break:

    \setupbodyfont[pagella, 12.6pt]
    \dorecurse{4}{\input zapf\par}
    \input knuth

Why does \subsection cause a different page break than \section?

Many thanks for your help,


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