[NTG-context] XML filtering and \setupcombinations

Michael Eidenbenz eidenbenz at arch.ethz.ch
Tue May 19 17:21:25 CEST 2015


I'm enjoying the power of the new publication framework and started to manage my images with it. 
This works quite nice. But now I reached the point where my (limited) context knowledge comes to an end.

I  would like to print a contact sheet of my large image database. To save paper I want combine floats next to each other.

I use the XML framework to filter my images according the 'keywords' field:


\startxmlsetups btx:render
    \xmlfilter {#1} {
        /field[@name='keywords' and (find(text(), 'one'))]

\startxmlsetups btx:figure
    \externalfigure [\xmlfirst{#1}{/field[@name='file']}]

\setupexternalfigures [location=global, directory={../../4_source/2_image}, width=3cm]

\xmlsetup {btx:image} {btx:initialize}

\xmlsetup {btx:image} {btx:render}

the file 1_image.bib has the following structure:

	keywords = {one, two, three},
	file = {test_1.png}

my problem is that I cant figure out how to process the filtered entries to form groups of let's say (3x4) twelve and use it with \ setupcombinations [3*4]

Thanks for any help.


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