[NTG-context] before= and after= for \setuphighlight

Kate F kate at elide.org
Fri May 15 21:57:31 CEST 2015


I'm looking for something like \definehighlight which I can use to
markup various things in inline body text. I want different
environments to be able to have their own setups to configure how
these appear, just as \setuphighlight would provide.

However there's one situation which I can't think how to handle; I'd
like to have a setup append and prepend some text, just like before=
and after= for various other setups. If \setuphighlight had before=
and after=, this would suit me perfectly. But it doesn't.

Is there something similar to \setuphighlight which has before= and after=?
Or any other ideas?

Thank you,


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