[NTG-context] vim module: modify line wrapping

Andreas Schneider aksdb at gmx.de
Fri May 15 10:11:27 CEST 2015

Am 14.05.2015 17:26, schrieb Aditya Mahajan:
> I just released a newer version to t-vim where the `option=hypenated`
> is documented. It is also possible to hyphenate words by using
> \definevimtyping[...][..., option={packed,hyphenated}, 
> align=hyphenated, ....]
> Aditya

Thank you for that solution. It doesn't work quite that way, though:

1. Only [...,option=hyphenated,...] breaks many, but not all lines. 
\setupalign[verytolerant,stretch] helps here.
2. [...,option={packed,hyphenated},align=hyphenated,...] doesn't work at 
3. Omitting "packed", ie. [...,option=hyphenated,align=hyphenated,...] 
works as expected. Even single words are broken then.

I will currently stick with option 1, since option 3 has a negative side 
effect: it inserts hyphen marks ("-"), which looks weird in source code.

All in all I have two wishes regarding wordwrap and hyphenation, and 
hope they aren't too hard to grant :-)

1. Add an option to omit the hyphenation mark/sign (whatever it is 
actually called).
2. Add an option to indent the wrapped line to the line it was wrapped 

Remark for wish #2:
Currently breaking lines look like:
|  This is an indented and |
|broken line.              |

It would be nicer to have:
|  This is an indented and |
|  broken line.            |

Thanks for adjusting the documentation of the vim module and giving me 
all these options. I now have a ConTeXt produced document I can proudly 
release to the customer :-)

Best regards,

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