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Wed May 13 18:47:15 CEST 2015

> Am 13.05.2015 um 18:09 schrieb david.boerschlein at juno.com:
> I am still not able to set up the Noto fonts due mostly to sketchy/lack-of documentation on setting up ConTeXt fonts.
> I understand I need to set up typescripts but do not understand the syntax and/or semantics of the different commands and how to map the font names/paths (otf and ttf files) to reference them in the typescripts.   I would like to create a utility that will create the typescript file for MKIV from the otf/ttf files themselves.

You don’t have to write a typescript to use the fonts when you use the \definefontfamily command.

When you use Windows or Mac OS on your Computer you can put the files in the normal font folder
and update the font database with “mtxrun —script font —reload”. After wards the following font
setuos in your document is enough to use Noto Serif and Sans. When you use Linux you can
either put the font files in your local TeX directory or set the OSFONTDIR variable before
you update the font database.

\definefontfamily [noto] [rm] [Noto Serif]
\definefontfamily [noto] [ss] [Noto Sans]
\definefontfamily [noto] [mm] [TeX Gyre Pagella Math]



\rm Noto Serif {\it Italic} and {\bf Bold}

\ss Noto Sans {\it Italic} and {\bf Bold}


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