[NTG-context] \big\lfloor and \big\lceil do not work

Aditya Mahajan aditya.mahajan at mcgill.ca
Sun May 10 16:06:57 CEST 2015


This is based on another question on TeX.SX 

Minimal example:

$\big\lfloor x \big\rfloor$ % No delimiters
$\Big\lfloor x \Big\rfloor$ % No delimiters
$\left\lfloor x \right\rfloor$ % Works

Any idea what is happening? (This also fails with cambria, so something is 
wrong with the settings)

On a related note, the following does not work either:

$\left\langle x \right\rfloor$

Not that one would ever use such a notation, but it is weird that it does 
not work.


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