[NTG-context] Bibliography: printing just Single Author et al.

Csikos Bela bcsikos425 at freemail.hu
Thu May 7 14:29:44 CEST 2015

Mojca Miklavec írta:
>When citing articles with five authors I prefer to list all of them,
>but in some articles with one hundred authors I would prefer just "J.
>Someone et al." since listing five more co-authors doesn't add
>anything substantial to the information.
>Is there any trick that would allow liming the number of listed
>authors on per-article basis? Simply specifying
>    author = "Just Someone et al.",

It's not clear what you want exactly. That is, how many rules do you want regarding
number of authors?

I don't know how ConTeXt handes author numbers. But in normal bibtex this is generally
implemented as max authors and min authors (naturally it depends on the bst file you use).
If the total number of authors is less than or equal to max authors, all author names are listed.
If total number of authors is more than max authors, min authors are listed followed by et al.
By adjusting the bst file you can change every single details.

An example: if you set max number to 7 and min number to 3, then in case of 7 or less
authors all are listed, in case of 8 or more the first 3 are listed followed by et al.

Would these two rules fit your requirements? Or do you want a third rule (in additon to the
above rules) for very high number of authors, when only the very first author is listed?

In this case you have to edit the bst file as well. What makes it harder ConTeXt has special bst files and you have to edit those bst files.

If you have only a few article like this, the easiest solution might be to edit the bib file, and change the author field to what you want in the output.

This is a real shortcoming of ConTeXt bibliography generating mechanism. To customize
it you have to be able to edit bst files and be very familiar with ConTeXt bibliography
generating module, and TeX programming might be required too.

>(MkIV, experimental reimplementation.)

I dont't know about this, what I wrote above applies to normal MkIV (and I guess to MkII
too). I have no idea if this experimental reimplementation uses other bibliographics


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