[NTG-context] Synonyms’ \infull doesn’t work anymore

Thomas Floeren thfl at mac.com
Fri May 1 04:11:39 CEST 2015


starting with the Beta from 16 April I have a problem with synonyms. The \infull part doesn’t work anymore.


\definesynonyms [Tea] [Teas] [\fullTea]
\setupsynonyms  [Tea] [synonymstyle=italic]
\Tea [tFop] {FOP} {Flowery Orange Pekoe}

\tFop\ is ‘\fullTea{tFop}’.


I can make it work again with some hackery in the strc-syn.mkiv file: If I copy back the line
`\simplelistparameter\c!textcommand{\clf_synonymmeaning{#1}{#2}}%` (e.g. from the Beta 14 April) into the `strc_synonyms_insert_meaning` definition (at line ~338) it works again.

Thanks for help.



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