[NTG-context] caption alignment with floats in the margin

Brian R. Landy brian at landy.cx
Tue Apr 28 04:31:49 CEST 2015

Hi, I am trying to place some floats in the margin and noticed that the caption gets centered instead of following my specification to flushleft.  If the float is in the main body it is ok.  .  I have a small example below.  I tested with 2015.04.18 14:41.  Is there a way to fix the alignment?


\placefigure[inleft,hanging]{My Title}{\framed[width=2.75in,height=1.0in]{!}}
\placefigure[here,hanging]{My Title}{\framed[width=2.75in,height=1.0in]{!}}
\placefigure[inright,hanging]{My Title}{\framed[width=2.75in,height=1.0in]{!}}

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