[NTG-context] how to insert symbols into document?

Csikos Bela bcsikos425 at freemail.hu
Sat Apr 18 13:21:54 CEST 2015

Wolfgang Schuster írta:
>> Am 13.04.2015 um 01:29 schrieb Csikos Bela:

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Otared, Wolfgang:

Thank you for your suggestions.

>The symbols in the file symb-imp-mis.mkiv are loaded by default because context uses
>them for the itemise environment but a few of them have to be enabled before you can
>use them and even then you need a font which contains them, e.g. DejaVu.
>%%%% begin example
>\NC \bf Name      \NC \bf Symbol              \NC\NR
>\NC bullet        \NC \symbol [bullet]        \NC\NR
>\NC dash          \NC \symbol [dash]          \NC\NR
>\NC star          \NC \symbol [star]          \NC\NR
>\NC triangle      \NC \symbol [triangle]      \NC\NR
>\NC circle        \NC \symbol [circle]        \NC\NR
>\NC square        \NC \symbol [square]        \NC\NR
>\NC diamond       \NC \symbol [diamond]       \NC\NR
>\NC blacktriangle \NC \symbol [blacktriangle] \NC\NR
>\NC blacksquare   \NC \symbol [blacksquare]   \NC\NR
>\NC blackdiamond  \NC \symbol [blackdiamond]  \NC\NR
>\NC 1             \NC \symbol [1]             \NC\NR
>\NC 2             \NC \symbol [2]             \NC\NR
>\NC 3             \NC \symbol [3]             \NC\NR
>\NC 4             \NC \symbol [4]             \NC\NR
>\NC 5             \NC \symbol [5]             \NC\NR
>\NC 6             \NC \symbol [6]             \NC\NR
>\NC 7             \NC \symbol [7]             \NC\NR
>\NC 8             \NC \symbol [8]             \NC\NR
>%%%% end example

OK, I see that neither the default font nor Tex Gyre Pagella has black diamod symbol, therefore it can't be shown. 

>When you need characters like the mentioned losenge you should better look for a font
>which contains it and create a new typeface for it or set a fallback font which add the
>characters to the main font of your document.

Before answering I wanted to find out how to make this fallback: Using a given font
and fall back to only one (or a few) specific characters in another font. For example
using Tex Gyre Pagella and fall back to Dejavu's black diamond, but not to any other

To learn how to do this, in the last few days I read most of (if not all) the related pages on
the wiki site, and browsed the indicated pdf documents too. Unfortunately I find the wiki
pages confusing, and I couldn't find out how to solve the problem yet, but I did not want
to wait longer with the answer. I will study further the docs.

Thanks once more for your help,


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