[NTG-context] bug in \sethyphenatedurlafter, \sethyphenatedurlbefore and \sethyphenatedurlnormal?

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Mon Apr 13 19:50:10 CEST 2015

On 04/13/2015 07:41 PM, Hans Hagen wrote:
> On 4/13/2015 7:17 PM, Pablo Rodriguez wrote:
>> [...]
>> Would it be possible to have hyphenmin in \setuplanguage?
>> I think it also makes sense there, besides lefthyphenmin and righthyphenmin.
> It relates more to the alternative hyphenator and hyphenation methods 
> which are imo document properties and not language specific. Actually 
> the values *min in the language blob are there mostly because patterns 
> can have these limitations.

Many thanks for the explanation, Hans.

Everything is clear now.


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