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> What do you need then? Math is handled in several files.


something like the following definition for \placeformularef below, which would work in multine formulas (I don’t know how to write in the margin next to the number of the formula).

The output is attached.

%%%%% begin placeformula-ref.tex
	{\inrightmargin{\tt\txx #1}\placeformula[#1]}%

\definereferenceformat[eqref][left=(,right=),text={formula }]



We have
a^2 + 2ab + b^2 = (a + b)^2,
for $a,b\in {\Bbb C}$. Also,
\NC |x|^2 + |y|^2 \NC = (x + y|x + y). \NR[eq:Pythagore]
\NC \alpha^2 -2\alpha\beta + \beta^2 \NC = (\alpha - \beta)^2. \NR[eq:Identity]
\eqref[eq:Identity] is a consequence of \eqref[eq:Square].
%%%%% end placeformula-ref.tex

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