[NTG-context] SyncTeX and mkiv

Andreas Schneider aksdb at gmx.de
Mon Apr 6 14:17:24 CEST 2015

Otared Kavian schrieb:
> Using TeXShop on a Mac (with Mac OS X 10.2) I noticed that some of my documents typeset with mkiv do not respond correctly regarding SyncTeX: when I do « Command-Click » on a specific part of the resulting PDF there is no reaction at all, that is I do not get to the corresponding part of the source TeX file.
> Nevertheless when I click in the source TeX file, SyncTeX shows the corresponding highlighted part of the PDF file.
> So my question is the following: is there some change in mkiv, or in the way TeXShop has to be tuned? 

I noticed something similar since about one or two years. Using
SumatraPDF on Windows (together with Sublime or Notepad++) a sync from
the editor to SumatraPDF results in the right higlighted section.
However a sync the other way 'round is slightly off. It's more off the
farther down I'm in the document.

Best regards,

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