[NTG-context] For the Mac users: AppleScript to launch ConTeXt in a flexile way

Thomas Floeren thfl at mac.com
Sun Mar 29 18:36:51 CEST 2015

Updated (1.2.3).



1.2.3 (60) (2015-03-29)

Added update switch --modules=all.
Removed the update switch --keep.
When updating ConTeXt first-setup.sh will get updated, too.

1.2.3 (58) (2015-03-28)

Added to the GUI (Tools section): Possibility to quickly remap ConTeXt 
directories to the “Beta”/“Current” slots. This should be useful 
if you are switching between more than two ConTeXt installations, for 
example an old Current, an older (but working) Beta and the latest Beta 
from last night. (Formerly you had to rename the ConTeXt folder on disk 
in order to force the script to prompt for new locations.)
Slightly changed wording in main window.
Updated and extended the manual.



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