[NTG-context] extra space in footnotes (XML)

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Sat Mar 28 21:50:42 CET 2015

Hi Hans,

the issue I described in a previous message with extra space with
footnote is related to XML handling:

         <a href="#fn1" class="footnoteRef" id="fnref1"><sup>1</sup></a> and
         <a href="#fn2" class="footnoteRef" id="fnref2"><sup>2</sup></a>
     <div class="footnotes">
         <hr />
             <li id="fn1"><p>this is a footnote</p>
                <p>this is a footnote</p>
                <p>this is a footnote</p>
                <a class="footnoteBack" href="#fnref1">↩</a></li>
             <li id="fn2"><p>A second footnote.<a class="footnoteBack"


\startxmlsetups xml:initialize


\startxmlsetups xml:doc

\startxmlsetups xml:p
    \xmldoifnotselfempty {#1} {
\startxmlsetups xml:footnote:set

     local gsub = string.gsub
     function xml.expressions.idstring(str)
         return type(str) == "string" and gsub(str,"^#","") or ""

\startxmlsetups xml:footnote:ref




Beta from 2015.03.28 16:30 adds an unwanted empty paragraph after each
footnote. Previous beta from 2015.03.25 22:13 added no extra space.

Is this a bug or how should I change my definition of xml:p?

Many thanks for your help,


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