[NTG-context] Bug with ligatures (EBGaramond) and \mainlanguage[es]

Andrés Conrado elandi at chiquitico.org
Thu Mar 26 06:23:25 CET 2015

Hello, list. When I try to use the EBGaramond font 
(http://www.georgduffner.at/ebgaramond/) in spanish (using 
\mainlanguage[es]), ligatures disappear. But they only disappear when 
they belong to a word (when alone, they look fine). See MWE, if you 
remove the comment in the \mainlanguage command, ligatures get screwed up:

% remove the comment below to see the effect on ligatures.




flagrantemente y figurativamente ff fl fi ffi ffl ffii figura ffla fflego


Thanks for any ideas you may have, I'm clueless, and really need to use 
those ligatures. I can edit whatever needs to be edited, but I can't 
find any ideas in the source, nor the mailing list.
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