[NTG-context] [MetaFun] Decorating running text

Norbert Melzer timmelzer at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 14:59:06 CET 2015

Hi there!

I have some text (a single word) which I want to decorate using MP.

In this special case, I want to put a little crown above the "g" in the
word "Shogun". Also the crown and text should get scaled accordingly to the
surrounding text.

\define\Shogun{\startMPcode draw textext("Shogun") \stopMPcode}

  The word \Shogun\ shall be decorated with the crown shown in

  \placefigure[here][fig:crown]{The crown that shall decorate the \quote{g}
in \quotation{Shogun}}{
      withcolor yellow ;
  \stopMPcode }

I wanted to try to draw the text using MPs draw, but then the baselines
doesn't match as you can see in the example. Also I don't know how I could
ensure that the text and the crown would crow accordingly to the
surrounding text.
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