[NTG-context] setup for paragraph styles

mf massifr at fastwebnet.it
Fri Mar 13 00:43:32 CET 2015

I'd like to kwnow the commands I should use in ConTeXt to define styles
for paragraphs of text that are not headers/titles nor normal text.
With titles I know I must use:

What should I use for texts like subtitles, dates of letters,
signatures? They are "paragraphs" often made by a few words, with a
different alignment, margins, style and vertical space above and below.
For a long quote I've seen that I can use:

Are those the right commands for my purpose in ConTeXt?

In particular, I'm typesetting XHTML, where all those elements are <p
class="subtitle">, <p class="letter-date">, <p class="signature"> and so
An example taken from my xml environment:

\startxmlsetups xml:myenv
\startxmlsetups xml:p:letter-date

Is that the right way or is it better to define and setup a style like

and use it like this:
\startxmlsetups xml:p:letter-date
  \startLetterDate \xmlflush{#1} \stopLetterDate

And if it's better like that, what should I write instead of _???_ ?


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