[NTG-context] Hanging indent

Willi Egger context at boede.nl
Tue Mar 10 22:00:43 CET 2015

Hello everybody,

Currently I am typesetting a small dictionary. I want to have hanging indents if the text joined to the expression is longer than one line.

In the past I had this definitions:




	\input knuth

{\bf Aanslaan,}  aanspreken. Een poging in 't werk stellen. 

Ik zal dat heertje reis aanslaan. Sla dien broger (man) aan, misschien heeft hij poen (geld). Jongens, er moet aangeslagen worden, daar loopt mooi gajes (menschen daar wat van te halen is).

The strange thing is, that the first two paragraphs of the Knuth-text is showing a hanging indent, however the last paragraph does not which is unexpected.  In the example from the dictionary no hanging indentation is shown.

What do I mis here?

Kind regards


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