[NTG-context] shrink JPGs to some resolution (dpi) ?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Mar 10 12:12:21 CET 2015

On 3/10/2015 2:33 AM, Harald Koenig wrote:
> On Mar 10, Hans Hagen wrote:
>> anyway, i need to think a bit about it but we do have all the info
>> available, like
>> - needed width/height
>> - original width/height
>> and from that we can calculate some conversion parameters
> if you start thinking/working on this, some data from EXIF
> might be interesting and helpful too, esp. the "Orientation".
> using that data, automatic rotation to the "correct" orientation
> would be possible.
> maybe there are more interesting information in the exif data?!
> what about color space infos ?
> or time stamps or GPS data which might be used to be typeset...
>> if it would help you i can provide a tracker that will save info
>> like this (per image):
> that would be great as my current \message{} stuff is far from being perfect...

Luigi and I looked into the engine bit and decided that it makes no 
sense to intercept it there as it would mean obscuring possible errors.

But, I can intercept it in context so that is what happens now. You will 
get something:

LuaTeX warning: arithmetic: number too big
graphics        > inclusion > image './IMG_9712c1_bad.jpg' has bad 
dimensions (-32768pt,23849.10001pt), discarding

I also added a tracker:


% \pdfimageresolution300





btw, you can simulate some of the issues with setting 
\pdfimageresolution to 1-10

The tracker makes a file <jobname>-figures-usage.lya that has two 
subtables, one with found images, and another with how they are used, 
including an error flag.

I'll upload a beta.

Now who will wikify this ...


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