[NTG-context] Hello -- and RFH (Request For Help) for privately typesetting a new travelling book

Harald Koenig koenig at tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de
Mon Mar 9 22:00:34 CET 2015

Hello ConTeXt users!

since I'm new to this list (and the group of context users;) a quick introduction
to myself and my current project: 

I've been using LaTeX since 1986 -- some of you may know me from some TeX meetings
(and recently also the context users's meetings -- without really using context so far).

in 2009 using LaTeX I typeset a 100 page diary+pictures book about a group tour 
from our parish to Israel and Jordan.  making text flowing around the picutres
with LaTeX (in the way I'd like to typeset it) was a real nightmare with LaTeX.

so after finishing that project with LaTeX due to severe time constraints,
I've used that text to convert it to context and learn a bit how this book
can be typeset (much better?) using context -- mostly whenever I met Hans
at every tex conference I could et hands on him, and also Willi and other helpers!
but the "context-way" Isreal book  always remained unfinished or at least unpolished
as there was no need (and again no time) to really perfectly finish up.

now this happend again: 
recently I've been traveling through India, again with a group of our parish.
and again, there was that idea to make such a nice book like for the Isreal tour.
so this time, I'd like to use context instead of latex...

BUT, there are still quite some issues where I'll need *your* help
to make this really work and get a nice book.

I'll try to split up my questions into separate mails, 
hopefully with small to minimal examples if possible
(and if you'd like to get hards on my complete ugly tex code,
plesae feel free to ask me!... ;-)

so thanks in advance for any advice and help,

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