[NTG-context] Bibliographies in mkiv - announcement and WARNING!

Alan BRASLAU alan.braslau at cea.fr
Mon Mar 9 15:14:25 CET 2015


The MKII bibliography module (\usemodule[bib]), described in
has undergone, first a re-write, keeping up with MKIV, then a complete
re-conception of the handling of bibliographies.

We introduced into the core of MKIV a dataset subsystem, not
necessarily limited to the generation of bibliographic lists. This new
subsystem has been part of the distribution for some time and an early
first draft of its documentation had been made available.

After putting the new system to heavy use in a real,
bibliographic-intensive book project, and after much fighting
back-and-forth over specifications and design choices, the upcoming
beta standalone distribution will finally contain this completely
revamped subsystem. Note that it is not yet complete, but has been
stabilized enough to make this revision available. The rewritten
documentation is not quite ready yet either, but a completely rewritten
new draft will be made available in a very short time. We promise!


As details of the interface have changed and the documentation is not
quite there yet, do not attempt to use this for any serious project for
the moment. And if you are presently using the pre-beta version of the
new subsystem that has been distributed with the standalone,
DO NOT UPDATE your standalone unless you are prepared to see some

Hans and Alan (also with the help of Thomas and Luigi).


Below is a minimal working example:

\startbuffer [test]
  Title                    = {Article title},
  Author                   = {ArticleLastnameA, FirstnameA}
                      # { and ArticleLastnameB, FirstnameB}
                      # { and ArticleLastnameC, FirstnameC}
                      # { and ArticleLastnameD, FirstnameD}
                      # { and ArticleLastnameE, FirstnameE}
                      # { and ArticleLastnameF, FirstnameF}
                      # { and ArticleLastnameG, FirstnameG},
  Journal                  = {Journal name},
  Year                     = {YYYY},

  Note                     = {note...},
  Number                   = {number},
  Pages                    = {ff--tt},
  Volume                   = {volume},

  Doi                      = {doi|-|specification},
  Keywords                 = {keyword1; keyword2; keyword3},

  Title                    = {Book title},
  Title                    = {Title2},
  Author                   = {BookAuthorLastnameA, Firstname
                          and BookAuthorLastnameB, Firstname Middle
                          and BookAuthorLastnameC, Firstname-Combined},
  Editor                   = {EditorLastname, Firstname},
  Editor                   = {EditorLastname2, Firstname},
  Publisher                = {Publisher},
  Year                     = {YYYY},

  Address                  = {Address},
  Edition                  = {edition},
  Keywords                 = {book},








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