[NTG-context] Using the standalone ConTeXt, how do I add access to my texmf-local tree

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Thu Mar 5 10:34:04 CET 2015

Am Thu, 05 Mar 2015 01:40:06 +0100 schrieb Hans Hagen:

>>> You can try in texmf-local/web2c:
>> ...
>> This doesn't help: context never looks in texmf-local/web2c. It
>> looks into D:/texmfcnf and then stops.
> hm, normally it will look relative to the binary, in trees/web2c paths

Yes, but as I have set the environment variable TEXMFCNF I have
overwritten the normal behaviour. 

 >> But  I just realized that I have actually two context (one in
>> texlive 2014) and trying to setup the systems with a texmfcnf.lua
>> will probably give a complete mess. So I will revert to my normal
>> system where I change the environment variables first.
> ok; taking bins from one tex tree (full tree) and expecting them to work 
> with another one is tricky due all this auto-magic; in that case setting 
> the TEXMF variable as environment variable might help

Sorry this is a misunderstanding: I'm not trying to mix two context
versions. I want to use the standalone binaries with the standalone
trees, and perhaps the texlive context binaries with the texlive
tree. Beside this I also want to use miktex, texlive 2014, and
sometimes (for debugging) texlive 2013 ;-); 

Sorting out all this installations so that they don't interfer isn't

Ulrike Fischer 

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