[NTG-context] Problem with MkIV and TikZ picture remembering

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 16:29:56 CET 2015

On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 2:27 PM, Ulrike Fischer  wrote:
>>> I'm always using (on windows)
>>> first-setup.bat --keep
>> I would advise you against using the --keep option unless there are
>> some other/strong reasons to do so.
> Then the instructions here are quite misleading:
> http://wiki.contextgarden.net/ConTeXt_Standalone#Updating_2

Thank you. Removed. I need to review the page. There are some weird
statements there.

If you are familiar with rsync: all that --keep does is omit the
"--delete" flag in rsync modules. It's not exactly the same, but it is
roughly "equally evil" as setting the TeX Live's option to keep the
removed modules installed. Except that here it would accumulate all
the files that ever existed in ConTeXt since the first day when the
user first installed the distribution. When, say, fonts in TeX Live
move around, users would end up with duplicate files at two locations.

> I'm not a regularly context user, I maintain the installation mostly
> for tests and want "an up-to-date, complete (with all modules)"
> installation and was looking for a command that compares to "tlmgr
> update --all" from texlive.
> Did I got it right now that I should do "first-setup.bat" and that
> "first-setup.bat --keep" doesn't update the modules?

No, --keep isn't related to updating modules at all. The flag would
help you keep things that you install in your tree from your own
sources (something that doesn't come from the distribution). But it
would also keep all other outdated files. It's waaaaaay better to keep
your own files elsewhere. (Even if simply under "texmf-local" that's
created for you. But not in "texmf-modules" to "texmf-context" or


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