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Willi Egger context at boede.nl
Tue Feb 24 15:29:34 CET 2015

Hi Pablo,

..late answer ;-)

your explanation is fine. I also looked at your example in the link…

We had this discussion in earlier threads. For me as a bookbinder, your issue is not really something for impositioning in a restricted sense. The thing is, that the machinery for imposition is looping over the number of pages and puts them in the defined place. So if one wants to achieve what you describe, the machinery would have to set up in a different way. I run into this issue myself and I would suggest, that you are ging to use for this special purpose some code like this:







What this code does is to pick up the pages from the pdf which is made with e.g. 2UP arranging on A5_landscape. It puts then each page two times on a sheet of paper. 


p.s. I am curious about how your booklet looks like after assembly. You put 142 pages in it with arranging 2UP.  Folding this amount of paper makes a rather thick booklet and I expect, that the outer margins are very small after cutting it square…?

> On 22 feb. 2015, at 09:26, Pablo Rodriguez <oinos at gmx.es> wrote:
> Hans,
> I need to generate a duplicate booklet from a PDF file.
> It would be like \setuparrange[2UP, singlesided]. But I need an extra
> imposition (this is what I have to do now), repeating the same booklet
> imposition one above each other.
> This would require a \setuppaper such as [A6][A4].
> The first four pages would be:
>  last|first  last-1|first+1  last-2|first+2  last+3|first+3
>  last|first  last-1|first+1  last-2|first+2  last+3|first+3
> Just in case I haven’t explained myself, here you have a sample:
> https://archive.org/download/ensayo-escritura/ensayo-escritura.pdf.
> ConTeXt was used to typeset the book and arrange the booklet. But I
> needed to use another tool for the final imposition.
> I think it might be useful for other users also.
> Could this 2UPrepeated arrangement be included in ConTeXt?
> Many thanks for your help,
> Pablo
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