[NTG-context] Different versions of Lua and error in the same versions of ConTeXt (Fedora vs Win7)

Jaroslav Hajtmar hajtmar at gyza.cz
Tue Feb 24 14:13:53 CET 2015

Hi Hans.
One more I ask You about this thing. When I have other separator - for 
example ";" then c.txt data file is:


I was unable to figure out how to set the separator (and others default 
values too) so as to replace the default value in the library util-prs.lua
Is there anything as utilities.parsers.rfc4180splitter.separator=";"???

This library is loaded automatically? Or as a module?

Thanks Jaroslav Hajtmar

Here is minimal example for Your correction:



local mycsvsplitter = utilities.parsers.rfc4180splitter()

local crap = io.loaddata("c.txt")

local list, names = mycsvsplitter(crap,true)   inspect(list) inspect(names)
local list, names = mycsvsplitter(crap)        inspect(list) inspect(names)

context.starttabulate { "|l|r|" }
for i=1,#list do
     local l = list[i]
     context.NC() context(l[1])
     context.NC() context(l[3])



Dne 23.2.2015 v 9:49 Hans Hagen napsal(a):
> On 2/22/2015 9:42 PM, Pablo Rodriguez wrote:
>> On 02/22/2015 07:44 PM, Hans Hagen wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> for pablo: there are csv scanners built in context
>> Hans,
>> I don’t really need this at home, but I’m interested in this.
> in addition to the previous mail, t.txt is:
> first,second,third,fourth
> "1","2","3","4"
> "a","b","c","d"
> "foo","bar""baz","boogie","xyzzy"
> the code is in util-prs.lua (where all kind of parsing code lives)
> if you want to use that kind of code outside context you can do 
> something like this:
> lua mtxlibs.lua --selfmerge foo.lua
> and then in your script load foo.lua
> this makes it possible to use the same set of helpers in context as 
> well outside it (alternatively you can just use luatex as lua engine 
> and mtxrun as script runner which is what we mostly do); this means 
> that the context distribution provides all kind of means to set up 
> workflows
>> I guess you mean m-database.mkiv. But I don’t have a clue on how to
>> handle it.
>> I mean, how to ignore the first line and how to make commands from the
>> so-called cells (A2, B5...; to use them in document combination) reading
>> an external file.
>> Many thanks for your help,
>> Pablo

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