[NTG-context] Placing a box with left-aligned lines on the right border

Procházka Lukáš Ing. - Pontex s. r. o. LPr at pontex.cz
Wed Feb 18 11:45:50 CET 2015


how to more easily achieve this?:

Some text on line       Text in box
                         Longer text in the box
                         Shorter text in box

                           Width of the box is
                           that of the longest
                           text in it

                   Some space between the preceeding
                   text and the box
   Text width available (\textwidth)

The solution should have the following features:

- Text in the box to be written "at once" with a token (be "\\" or "\par" or another) to go to the next line;
- The box (wrapping "Text in box", "Longer text in the box", "Shorter text in box") should have no width specified -
	it should get it from the longest member (line) in it (in our case: width of "Longer text in the box");
- Text in the box should be "alignleft";
- Base line of first text the box to be vertically aligned to the base of the preceding text, i.e.
	"Some text on line" to have the same basement as "Text in box";
- A horizontal filler may be placed between "Some text on line" and the box to fit "text width available".

Two ways that don't go to the goal, just to demonstrate my trials and fails:


% 1

Some text on line\hfill Text in box\par
                  \hfill Longer text in the box\par
                  \hfill Shorter text in box\par

% 2

Some text on line\hfill\framed[width=5cm,align=flushleft,frame=off]
                               {Text in box\\
                                Longer text in the box\\
                                Shorter text in box}


Way 1 - problems:

- The text to be boxed is not written in a "box environment";
- the text to be boxed is not left-aligned in the box (as it actually is not in a box).

Way 2 - problems:

- The text in the box (\framed) must have width specified;
- the text in the box "goes over" the line where it is placed, not with first line basement aligned.

So - how to achieve the layout desired?


The situation may be imagined as the top of a letter page:

write "some text to the left", fill with the "maximum space" till you reach the "box for an address" on the right of the current line;
write address lines left-aligned inside the box.)

Thank you for ideas in advance.

Best regards,


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