[NTG-context] \executesystemcommand dont work?

Jaroslav Hajtmar hajtmar at gyza.cz
Mon Feb 16 12:41:09 CET 2015

Hi ConTeXist.
After a long time I tried to recompile ConTeXt file that contained the 
\executesystemcommand. It seems to me that this command stopped working.
Can anyone confirm or refute this my perception?
I call \executesystemcommand to compiling another ConTeXt file from 
running ConTeXt. I use Windows 7 and problem is under TeXlive 2014 
version and Standalone version too.

Thanx Jaroslav Hajtmar

Here is my minimal example:
When I compile maintestfile.tex, then I expect, that 
compilebyexecutesystemcommand.pdf is created during compilation of 
maintestfile.tex file.

I have two files.

First is "test.tex" name:

\input tufte

And second is file maintestfile.tex:

\executesystemcommand{context --result=compilebyexecutesystemcommand.pdf 
\input knuth

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