[NTG-context] Footnotes and Marginal texts

Robert Krug destiny6 at mac.com
Sun Feb 15 00:04:49 CET 2015


I am working on a document with many annotations of different types,
and have a couple of questions.

(Before the questions, though, I am quite impressed with ConTeXt so
far.  It is much nicer to work with than any of the TeX or LaTeX packages
I have worked with before.)

First, what is the preferred way to get marginal text?  Is \margintext, 
\inmargin, or some other the current best practice?

Second, is there a way to get marginal text for a footnote?  Here is a
minimal working example:


Text for 
the\footnote{A\margintext{Where am I?} footnote.} 
main\margintext{I am here.} 


Finally, is there a way to have different classes of footnotes?  I would like
to have three classes of footnotes to be displayed something like:

1. first footnote of class 1
2. second footnote of class 1.
a. first footnote of class 2.
b. second footnote of class 2.
1. first footnote of class 3.
2. second footnote of class 3.

That is, the footnotes of each class should appear together, with a “normal” footnote rule
above them.  Each class of footnotes should also have its own numbering scheme.

Footnotes of class 1 are “regular” footnotes in the main text body.

Footnotes of class 2 will be longer, and will occasionally be more than one paragraph.  
They, also, will occur in the main text body.  To complicate matters, they may have 
marginal notes and footnotes (of class 3).

Footnotes of class 3 are footnotes that occur in footnotes of class 2.

Many thanks,

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