[NTG-context] Asciidoc to PDF over Context

Jan Tosovsky j.tosovsky at email.cz
Fri Feb 13 21:42:10 CET 2015

On 2015-02-13 luigi scarso wrote:
> On 2015-02-12 Tobias Famulla <uni at famulla.eu> wrote:
> >
> > Context could be the right processor to create beautiful
> > PDFs out of intermediate formats (DocBook 5 or Asciidoc).
> The DocBook is a huge specification, so I guess that a convert 
> for ConTeXt takes a huge amount of work if you want to map 
> everything --- but it is feasible if you plan to start with
> a small subset.
> From this point of view, Docbook already has a xslt to latex

DocBook has even ConTeXt output

Actually it produces quite obsolete syntax, but it is a good starting point
for further tweaking. Exactly this I did in my recent project.

While my resources are very limited, if any effort in this field will start,
I can share my DocBook/XSLT experience. It could also be a nice GSoC project
for students:

Btw, I prefer DocBook over lightweight markup languages (Markdown, Asciidoc)
as latter lack semantics and advanced structuring, which may be limiting in
some projects requiring advanced formatting.

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