[NTG-context] Numbers in appendix roman, but want arabic

Mikael P. Sundqvist mickep at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 09:45:50 CET 2015


with the example below, I have two problems (that are probably
related). In the appendix, the Theorem is numbered "Theorem II"
instead of "Theorem 2", i.e. roman numbers are used instead of arabic

Also, when I refer to Theorem 1 from the appendix , it says "Theorem
I". Again with roman number instead of arabic. I would prefer "Theorem

So, the question reads: How can I get arabic numbers also in the appendix?

(The appendix itself has the letter A as I want it to)




\defineconversionset [bodypart:sectioncounter] [n,n,n] [n]
\defineconversionset [appendix:sectioncounter] [n,n,A] [n]

This is a theorem.


\section{This is the first appendix}

This is another theorem.

What if we refer to the first theorem, Theorem~\in[thm:main]?


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