[NTG-context] need defaults for \definehighlight

Keith Schultz keithjschultz at icloud.com
Mon Feb 9 14:34:55 CET 2015

Hi Hans, Idris, All,

fonts and color are as such appearance.
But, when one uses different fonts and colors or mix
then then we add meaning or as you tend to call
it structure. 

If their use does not add to the structure, then only one font style
and color is needed.

So actually, in the end they should be tagged, too!

Wolfgang has mentioned that we have definestyle is that 
tagged or not!

Furthermore, it is possible in ConTeXt to setup for example
the style italic, etc to what ever one cares to! for example one could
make and italic style be mono or bold! (naturally, it is
nonsense to do this).

Also, many authors of text, do think along the lines of markup in their
coding and do use \em, but simply \it, \bf for emphasis!

Similarly, many use quotation characters/glyphs in stead of \quotation
and \quote.

If we are exporting to xml then we should catch these cases!

Basically, any switch of style or font is the designation of the intention of an author
for a structural change! That is to make something stand out for one reason or the 


> Am 08.02.2015 um 22:51 schrieb Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl>:
> On 2/8/2015 8:08 PM, Idris Samawi Hamid ادريس سماوي حامد wrote:
>> Ok. It's clear that I'm doing a lot of guessing, so question: Can you
>> specify exactly what does *not* get tagged in xml-export? What exactly
>> do we need to worry about? Then we can go from there...
> everything that has some structure or meaning gets tagged
> font/colors have no meaning they're appearance so they don't get tagged
> highlights are for the few things left ... but often one can also use \startelement for that

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