[NTG-context] A note on Arabic names in bibliographies and indices

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Feb 2 01:05:39 CET 2015

On 2/1/2015 4:06 PM, Idris Samawi Hamid ادريس سماوي حامد wrote:
> Dear Syndicate,
> The current bibliography handler uses the following for authors:
> \type{\author[junior]{firstnames}[inits]{von}{surname}}

Looks mkii cq. th eold bin system ... no more time will be spent on that 
(by me).

> Now in Arabic we have something similar to the 'von' field: the definite
> article 'al-', 'ibn', etc. Just as with 'von' we want to ignore them in
> the alphabetical sorting. [On the other hand, ConTeXt cannot currently
> sort its own bbl files alphabetically]. See the linked picture for a
> real-life example (the top-right of the page contains both Dutch and
> Arabic examples):

The new mechanism uses the same sorter as registers and sorted lists. 
So, specific wishes can be addressed there.

> https://www.dropbox.com/s/rnimlactrlqz6ak/arabic-dutch-bib.jpg?dl=0
> Now the {von} field works for these Arabic prefixes, but there is an
> issue: There can be no space between 'al-' and what follows (e.g.
> 'al-Haq'). But the {von} field by default adds a space (von Corbin). So
> what to do? One solution is to use \setuppublicationlist[vonsep=] (see
> also attached):

I'm sure we can cook up something. Personally I'd like to get away from 
this 'von' and 'junior' thing and use better names, like

initials (by default taken from firstnames)
prefixes (unless specificed, taken from surnames)
postfixes (unless specified, taken from surnames)

we can think of a sort keys as well, so maybe:

author = {[sortkey] firstnames, prefixes, surnames, postfixes}


author = {sortkey:: firstnames, prefixes, surnames, postfixes}

(we can have an exporter that exports to a regular dumb bib file for 
other usage)

> ==========
> \starttext
> \setuppublications[alternative=apa]
> \setuppublicationlist[vonsep=]
> \startpublication[k=corbin81,
>                    t=book,
>                    a=Corbin,
>                    y=1981,
>                    s=Corbin81]
> \author[]{Henry}[H.]{von }{Corbin}
> \title{The Concept of Comparative Philosophy}
> \pubname{Golgonooza Press}
> \city{Ipswich, United Kingdom}
> \pubyear{1981}
> \stoppublication
> \startpublication[k=haq,
>                    t=book,
>                    a=Haq,
>                    y=1994,
>                    s=Haq94]
> \author[]{Syed Nomanul}[S.]{al-}{Haq}
> \title{Names, Natures, and Things}
> \pubname{Kluwer}
> \city{Dordrecht}
> \pubyear{1994}
> \stoppublication
> \startpublication[k=ragep93,
>                    t=book,
>                    a={Ragep},
>                    y=1993,
>                    s=FJRg93]
> \author[]{F.~J.}[F.~J.]{ibn al-}{Ragep}
> \title{Memoir on Astronomy}
> \pubname{Springer Verlag}
> \city{New York}
> \pubyear{1993}
> \stoppublication
> \placepublications [criterium=all] % inherits from \setuppublications
> % \completepublications[criterium=cite] % only works with criterium=all
> \stoptext
> ==========
> \setuppublicationlist[vonsep=] kills the space after the prefix, but
> that means that for every 'von', 'van', 'abu', and the like we have to
> add the space manually in the {von} field (as in the above example).
> If we don't want to use \setuppublicationlist[vonsep=] then we have to
> define a command for 'al-' that gobbles the space:
> % \define \GobbleSpace{\ignorespaces}
> % \define \Al{al-\GobbleSpace}
> If one is using lots of Arabic names and few, e.g., Dutch names, then
> using the [vonsep=] approach seems better. But in the upcoming bib
> module we may want a better solution so that bbl files can be more
> consistent and portable. Any thoughts are appreciated, and
> Best wishes
> Idris


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