[NTG-context] Interactive table of content -- jumps always 1 page too far

Rob Heusdens robheus at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 31 18:53:36 CET 2015

> such references don't use user pagenumbers (often automated references
> use internal numbers or real page numbers or a symbolic name)
> so, either something is really wrong or your browser is bad
> Hans

No, it can't be a browser thing (I think). In  the code I sent, using the
same setups and document structure as the actual document, the browser
jumpt to the correct page. So it is not the browser which is in error,

I will try to make a minimal example that exposes the same behaviour, but
so far I could not reproduce it (and working on some other glitches that
needs repair, so it may take some time).



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